Your Safety is our Responsibility

About Us

Mr. Harisingh Bhagmal Chaudhary founded Industrial Security Organization in 1993 as a proprietor. He has established a niche among the Security Service Agencies in the state with over 20 yr. experiences in Manned Security Service. He presides over a firm having strong Security Personnel specialized in providing various types of Security Service with 1 Regional office, 1 training institute & 24*7 control room in Vadodara. ISO office network are spread throughout the Gujarat state and have over hundreds of clients in the leading private sector companies. Our foundation is built on this simple philosophy that 100% of customer satisfaction. We reach this goal by providing the highest-Quality product at affordable price, backed by excellent system design & monitoring service & a friendly staff of experts. You get the individual attention and personalized service of a local company.

Our Mission

The Mission of our security service is to prevent crime & disorder by obtaining employees favor & cooperation. We demonstrate impartial enforcement of company/ management rules. We are ready to offer individual service, courtesy & friendship to all employees working with the organization without regard to there social or corporate standing. The test of our efficiency is the absence of crime & disorder in the company/organization. Our functions are not punitive, but are the essentially protective, preventive & precautionary through the systematic organization of normal operating relationship. We function more through the principle of intelligence then trough rigid, burdensome control. The ability to perform our duties depend upon management support.